Wednesday, August 16, 2006

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Michelle and I have been married for almost 21 years; Yup that's her next to me. We were married in the old Church Of Our Savior at Prince Charles Crescent, Singapore. The children involved at the wedding have grown up. Our page boy, Teofilus, recently got married; his sister, Teonna (my god daughter) was one of the flower girls; she is happily married lady with a baby! Teorine, the other flower girl is a teacher in Sarawak, East Malaysia.

My wife is good looking classy lady. She's into worship and the creative arts - music, dance, silk painting. Where to get such a mix in a woman? We are very very different; complementing each other can be joyous, frustrating and rewarding.

So would I recommend marriage? Yes, marriage is a good thing; its challenges have constantly brought us to the foot of the Cross. Without Christ there can be no happiness in marriage; He sustains and keeps couples together, be they Christian or not. Don't forget, marriage was embedded as part of God's creation in Genesis. That's why marriage is a universal cultural phenomenon. Man's disobedience however has sadly left a trail of marital misery. Its painful when couples split. Its also very exciting to see couples rebuilding their marriages in Christ. There is hope always in Him.

Can't take the other half for granted. Your spouse is like a little plant in a pot. Make sure the plant is well watered and protected from bugs of resentment every day. To the guys... just love your woman; work at trying to please her. To the gals...just hug him and stand by your man!


Anonymous said...

Happy anniversary guys. 21 good years. of God's blessings.

Anonymous said...

Happy Anniversary. God Bless!

Bolivian Beat said...

Hey guys I never said that I was celebrating my anniversary. We were married on the 7th of December.

Thanks for the greeting anyway!! For those who don´t know...It was Vincent who helped me to put up this blog and it was blogpastor who inspired with the idea of having a blog in the first place. God bless you both.

Anonymous said...

Marriage is the greatest challenge of all and you guys have surmounted it with all your differences. mrs Doubtfire never fails to astound me - why do people hanker for a divorce when they have great kids?