Thursday, August 03, 2006


Have you ever been retrenched? Its a devastating experience but not necessarily the end of the world!

It’s NOT the most pleasant of experiences to be told that you’re not needed anymore; not especially after more than 20 years of faithful service. Seems that the new owners have plans to restructure the company; they’ve other priorities; you don’t fit into their plans; your experience is not an asset but a liability. You’ve been declared redundant. So out you go. They put a smile on their faces, invite you to work elsewhere and wish you the best. No words of appreciation and no attempt at offering you another job elsewhere in the company; no attempt at trying to retrain you. It’s all forgotten: the sacrifices, the long hours, the prestige you brought to the organization, the dignity of always speaking well of your bosses. You’re simply not a priority Why you? You’ve received good performance reviews by some of the other bosses. But their views don’t matter. You’re just a victim of the “big picture”. Deep down inside you feel betrayed.

Jesus was different. He did not forget the disciples who abandoned him in his hour of need. He sought them out after his resurrection and restored them to their position as apostles. Jesus stuck by his people. He did not retrench them. Praise the Lord!

This National Day I salute all those who are facing the impact of retrenchment. God bless you. I salute your courage. Don’t give up and dwell on what has happened. Do what is necessary to get back on your feet. May the Lord open the eyes of your faith and awaken the goodness of His mercy in your heart. Majullah Singapura!!


Anonymous said...

Okie here are some facts ??
why is the death penalty legal in singapore ?

And whats lined up on the 27th of August did i say a vigil against death penalty protest ?

read the details ,these infor are for reference only not for distribution .

alfred dodwell said...

Hi, you wrote with such passion on a very important topic that is usually overlooked in mainstream discussion. I agree, Jesus is the only boss that truly recognises all that we put in. That is why the gifts and rewards in heaven will be far greater and more fulfilling than accolades from man, for how quickly they forget the hard work, years of faithful service. So, along with you, I too salut those who are unfairly and unjustly retrenched. May God comfort them and find them better places...of work and worship! God Bless! I hope you remember me...we had lunch with Pastor Kenny Chee at Parkway Parade.

Bolivian Beat said...

yes of course, I remember you Alfred. Keep on blogging.

ok anonymous...i am not in favor of blanket death penalties. Judges should have some discretion in this area. Its no use hanging small time drug carriers. Long sentences in jail carry the hope of rehabilitation

We can still keep the death penalty on the books. It should however be used very very sparingly.