Thursday, August 10, 2006



We’re back in one of our “homes” – Santa Cruz, Bolivia. Our other “homes” are Singapore, Penang and HEAVEN. The dogs, mosquitoes and ants gave us a warm welcome.

The flight was delayed because one of the passengers checked his bags in with the flight and mysteriously disappeared; He did not take the flight. The rules are clear: if the passenger does'nt turn for the flight, his bags are removed from the plane. So they had to rummage through all the baggage and take out the bag that belonged to the missing person.

We arrived at about 9am. It’s hot and dusty in Santa Cruz; there’s a new entertainment joint with some fast food restaurants nearby; the roof is thatched and the place looks, from the outside, like a huge hut. Our interior clocks are still on Singapore/Malaysian time. So we don’t sleep in the early hours of the morning because we’re still in “afternoon” mode. It takes about a week for our inner clocks to adjust to Santa Cruz time.

Thanks for all your support and prayers.


Anonymous said...

By the way, where do you feel most at home? Just curious.

Bolivian Beat said...

When it comes to efficiency and material goods we feel very home in Singapore. When it comes to ministry, passion, pathos, redemption Santa Cruz is home. When it comes to peace and food Penang is home.

Home is something we carry in our hearts.