Monday, January 11, 2010


Yesterday I met someone from church in Santa Cruz who is keeping tabs on the situation in Malaysia where 8 churches have been burned and/or vandalized. Its nice to chat with folk who are interested in South East Asia.  I´m up to my ears in reading assignments as part of work on a thesis; there is no time for anything  else. Elijah attended a 5 day youth camp in the city of Tarija. He came back tired. The bus journey was loooonggg - 15 hours!. We took a family fotograph and then went to a local restaurant where I ate the the best Philadelphia sandwich in my life. This is an important time for us; Elijah´s impending departure for Singapore (he leaves in 20 days) will leave a void in our lives. Pray for grace to cope.   

Michelle is getting into some of her projects. A couple of weeks ago I attended a very long diocesan standing committee meeting. Everyone was glad to see us back. Bishop Lyons is busy as ever. We've been here for a month and are settling down. The cost of living in Santa Cruz has sky rocketed; everything is very expensive. The growth of the churches in Santa Cruz although encouraging is uneven and vulnerable. Some basic building blocks need to be in place for the work to grow substantially - sounds like 1st world Singaporean talk - ha! ha! ha!

Bolivia go to the polls again to elect governors and mayors in April 2010. The president and a new legislative assembly was elected last month. The feature of  Evo Morales's inauguration as president next week will be his participation in ancient pagan rites. Pray for Bolivia, friends!   

Christ is the Head of the church and Lord of the nations!