Friday, August 18, 2006

Machine Gun Counselling In A Bank!

Ministry happens anywhere in Bolivia. The lady helping me with a financial transaction at one of the local banks made some queries about Singapore as she looked at my identity card; she asked me questions about languages and culture. The conversation suddenly shifted to a domestic problem; her husband was not a Christian and was giving her a hard time because of her midweek cell meetings. The agony of her situation slipped through, "You are a missionary...what should I". She´s a stranger. Her marital problem is plaguing her mind; she´s reaching out for help. Maybe she was praying for the Lord to send someone. And I sort of turned up.

What could I possibly say to encourage her...there was no time to build a pastoral relationship;there were people behind me waiting their turn. So of I go like a machine gun, "Win his respect...He allows you to go to church on Sundays...that´s a plus point...obey him if he does'nt want you to for Tuesday midweek cell meeting...Christ want's your marriage to work...Its a difficult the Lord...I know of men who've come to Christ through the patience and prayers of their believing wives". Marriage is divine institution; we need to do whatever we can to make it work. She smiles and nods her head. I pick up my bank extract and walk away; the man behind me steps up and takes my place. And life goes on!!

Hey ministry is exciting!!


Anonymous said...

Bravo...those were Holy Spirit inspired words.

Anonymous said...

Maybe u could publish a book on the Bolivian christian ministry and publicise this in s'pore .it does have an impact !


Bolivian Beat said...

Yes, Anonymous I certainly am thinking of writing seriously. Thanks for the suggestion