Wednesday, August 16, 2006

This lady is carrying her sick child over a bridge (puente paile in Santa Cruz) which was blocked by protesters. Cars, lorries and in this case an ambulance were prevented from passing through the bridge. So this brave mother got out of the ambulance, carried her baby and walked across the bridge. The baby was breathing through a mask; some good samaritans volunteered to carried the oxygen tank that may have kept the baby alive.

The daily newspaper, EL DEBER (THE DUTY in english), carried this dramatic photo today in the front page; the social agitators were criticized for not allowing the ambulance to go through the bridge.

Blockades trigger social change in Bolivia. The president of Bolivia, when in the opposition, brought the country to a standstill, on more than one occasion, to change government policy. Other groups in various parts of the nation have followed suit; they cordon of bridges, roads and sometimes even walkways to get the attention of the authorities.

Can blockades be justified if the cause is righteous?


Anonymous said...

It's very sad to say that here in Bolivia the government is so inefficient that sometimes blockades are the only way to get the attention of authorities that are more interested in fulfilling their needs and ambitions than in the needs of the people. Blockades are not justified but then, we bolivians need to work out an answer for the question: What do we do to change this political behavior? and what do we need to do to educate the future governors? Raphael, God bless you. Your friend Roberto

Bolivian Beat said...

Hmnn...Roberto's post is a summary of Bolivia's agony. He is right when he says that blockades are an anomaly and that we should find other ways to get the attention of leaders who don't seem to be responding to the people's needs.