Monday, October 01, 2007


Heavenly Father, we pray for the Church leadership in Myanmar.

Grant great wisdom and courage to Pastors, Bishops and Lay Leaders as they serve your flock in these times of uncertainty and violence. Strengthen their hearts in this hour of testing.

Help them find words to counter foolishness and rebellion. Stir within them the discernment necessary to distinguish between discretion and cowardice. Fill them with you Holy Spirit as they call Myanmar to repentance with your precious Word.

Merciful Father, only you can save Myanmar. Stretch out your hand; it is never shortened to save. Expose the vanity of men in their rejection of your salvation. Bring confusion to their wicked schemes. Mercifully intervene and save this nation. Open the Red Sea. And let Myanmar see Oh Lord your salvation in this land.

In Christ’s Name we pray, Amen!


Anonymous said...

thats an awesome, awesome prayer.


Anonymous said...

Many in Burma may have died as result of the latest crackdown. Only God can save.