Friday, October 05, 2007


Here's a photo of Elijah in his army greens. He was drafted into the Singapore army two weeks ago to begin a 2 year national service stint. Elijah has put on weight and looks tanned and tough. Michelle and I can hardly recognize our son!

He says the food is great. He's made lots of friends in his platoon. Many are Singaporeans like him who've studied overseas. Some of are christians; one of them is planning to take them all to his youth service this Saturday.

Elijah faces the full brunt of a highly regimented spartan lifestyle in national service. We are possibly the only country in the world where young men are asked to do a 2 year army stint.

Continue to pray for Elijah's well being: discipline of his daily devotions, fellowship with committed christian friends, alertness, strength and a positive atitude.


Anonymous said...

handsome young man

Anonymous said...

He looks real macho, real wiry tough.
And somehow he looks more Singaporean too! hehe.

Anonymous said...

Nothing like the army to bring out the best in a boy - they make him a man!Great pic!