Sunday, October 14, 2007


Uruguay Crush Bolivia 5-0 In World Cup Qualifier

An absolute tragedy!

Bolivia played badly in Montevideo, Uruguay and were beaten soundly by 5 goals in their first game of the South American World Cup preliminary qualifying group. Losing by one or two goals would have been easy to swallow - but 5 goals!

I was expecting a better performance.

The Bolivian team, under a new coach, showed lots of promise in some of the earlier tournaments and previous games. I was hoping that perhaps we could qualify for the World Cup Finals which will be held in South Africa.

There is still a long way to go in this competition. Bolivia could still qualify if they accumulate the necessary points from the rest of the games. The psychological setback of this mauling however may be too much of a barrier to overcome.

Soccer is probably the only national activity which unites Bolivia. A good showing in the opening game would have given us something to cheer about as a nation.

Ah well...maybe next time

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