Wednesday, October 24, 2007

THE LEADERSHIP SECRETS OF BILLY GRAHAM, Harold Myra & Marshall Shelley Zondervan 2005

A salesman, noticing my interest in this book, challenged me:

" If you're not satisfied with the book, I will refund your money "

I've just finished reading the Leadership Secrets of Billy Graham and have no intention to demand a refund.

The anecdotes, principles and insights in this work by Myra and Shelly shed light on Billy Graham more as a leader/manager than an evangelist. This is the first attempt by anyone to analyse the leadership of Graham. At times it tends to cheer lead Graham's virtues but then again Billy Graham is a godly man who deserves our respect. His ability to steer his organization in the turbulent 60's is worth a read. Its not easy to maintain one's constituency and incorporate what God is doing in other movements which don't share one's core values. For instance, Martin Luther King and Billy Graham did not work together but they affirmed each other's core message.

There are also fascinating stories and anecdotes of rejection from his ex fiancee, his responses to interviewers who tried to corner him on homosexuality and Christian- Muslim relations after 9/11. Billy Graham's grace and statesman like behaviour is an inspiration to us all.

There are 21 chapters spread out in six parts. I personally enjoyed reading parts 4 and 6 - Growing through Fire and Ice and Deepening in every Decade. The chapter on Innovation wrestles with the tension between relevance and tradition. One of the best chapters, Leading with Love, closes the book. The story of Billy and Ruth Graham's contribution to Jim Bakker's restoration in the ministry is a good example of the love that characterises Graham's life and ministry.

God bless Billy Graham and his witness!!

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Alex Tang said...


I have read the book and what struck me throughout is Billy Graham's devotion to God, his personal integrity and his love.

I find that refreshing because when I first bought the book, I was thinking to myself, "Oh no, not another 'how to' book."