Sunday, September 09, 2007


It was a busy Sunday.

I preached at 4 services - 3 at St James and 1 at St Andrew's Cathedral.

St James are focusing on Missions for the month of September. So I chose the episode of Christ crossing the lake over to the Gerasenes, a predominantly gentile region. Jews and Gentiles were'nt exactly bosom buddies in those days. And by crossing the lake, Jesus was signalling His intention to reach out to the nations. This episode has all the components of a no holds barred evangelistic campaign. The calming of the storm, a powerful act of deliverance and rejection from the locals are some of the incidents of this episode. The recognition of something of the divine in Christ on the part of the demons, the disciples and the man freed from satanic oppression testify to the power of proclamation!!

In the evening, I preached on the first chapter of Jonah in the NEW LIFE service at St Andrew's Cathedral. The missionary significance of this marvellous short story and the conversion of pagan mariners speaks powerfully of God's love reaching the nations.
Preaching is work. At the end of the day I was tired but glad for the priviledge of serving the Lord in the pulpit.


Anonymous said...

Wow! That is hard work, Raphael.

emmyjemmy said...

Hello Raphael!

I left a comment on your post about the "power lunch" we had last month. Hehe...I decided to drop a comment here as well, since I'm not sure how often you check through the old posts.

Sherman & I are still waiting for you to come to Seremban! ;) When? When? LOL

Anonymous said...

Oh yeah great to hear from you emmyjemmy...