Thursday, September 27, 2007


...streams of living water will flow... John 7:38

Words and photos don't do justice to the scenic beauty of Bolivia.

The Noel Kempf park is witness to the Lord's aesthetic and creative attributes. Natural beauty can sometimes bring one to their knees in worship. Bolivia, for many reasons, has not exploited fully the tremendous potential of attracting tourists and nature lovers to visit and explore places like the Noel Kempf park.

This photo was taken from El Deber, 27/09/07


Anonymous said...

you know, we were seriously thinking of settling down in Costa Rica. for good.

but changed our minds, when a hurricane hit its neighbor few months ago.

but it sure is a beautiful(2x) and pretty place. looks like Bolivia is too.

well, guess every place has its bad and good. you need to go climb up a mountain or at least a hill, raphael. seriously. all that beauty and majestic looking mtns around you...

maybe Mr yeti,with his cup of resam,and his big toe can come along with you. (that muthusami lah)
that ought to be a sight to behold!!! both of you looking like goldfishes, huffing and a-puffing.


Anonymous said...

Hmnn... the wide open plains are also breathtaking.

Anonymous said...

very very pretty waterfall. you been??


Anonymous said...

I've been to lake titicaca but not to this particular park. To be honest I did not even know it existed. Also, its not easy to reach this place.