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NO...this is not a Burger King sponsored post!

Samuel Doria Medina is a Bolivian hero because his business interests have by and large benefitted Bolivia. He owns a cement company and holds the Burger King franchise in Bolivia. Several years ago he was kidnapped by terrorists but was released. His decision to stay on in Bolivia and build his business interests are noteworthy. Local businessmen and entrepreuners, when not corrupt and self seeking, are a blessing to the community. They provide jobs and a sense of security for the average Bolivian

Burger King's staying power in Bolivia is worth a plug in contrast to another famous worldwide burger chain. This burger chain descended on Bolivia about 5 years ago amidst lots of fanfare and publicity. They opened up retail outlets in major Bolivian cities. Massive crowds and long queues clogged up these outlets in the first few weeks of operation. After nearly 3 years, they felt they were not making enough profits and decided to pull out completely from Bolivia. Kids started a signature campaign in attempt to make this burger chain say. They went ahead, sold all their belongings, packed their bags and left.

Burger King however stayed on. This speaks volumes of their commitment to Bolivia's economy and its communities. Samuel's leadership is behind Burger King's continued presence in Bolivia. And that's why Samuel Doria Medina is a Bolivian hero.

Think about this the next time you eat at Burger King!


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that would be hard - cos my eyes would have already melted by the tempting sight of a triple Whooper, loaded with 3 heart-attacks. but i will try.

But, that is sad abt what these bad bad people do, to good well-meaning, hard-working decent people.

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Raphael you should also know that his cement company has sponsored many years a craftwork contest for making many kinds of toys, so the company rewarded the craftsman buying hundreds of toys and giving those toys to needed kids in Christmas. This way the company gave work to many people and made many kids happy, this is why I think he is also a “Bolivian hero”

Anonymous said...

wow great to hear from Roberto, one of our parishoners from Santa Cruz.

No I did not know that his Samuel also reaches out to the community. Thanks for the update.