Monday, May 07, 2007


Church Members Robbed


Yesterday, during Sunday service, robbers threatened the church's security guard with a gun and stole an expensive spare tyre attached to a jeep. The victims, a missionary family, were worshipping at our church and had bought a short term team with them. And get this: someone busted the window of their jeep while they were having lunch after the service with same team. No prizes for guessing the sort of impression that was left on our visitors!

It’s been a horrible month in terms of robbery. Some of our youths were accosted and robbed of their cell phones. Another person was also threatened and robbed at gunpoint by thugs who raced away in a car. All this took place within the vicinity of the church grounds.

There was a time when some thieves avoided robbing worshippers because they respected the church. Those days are gone.

Come Lord Jesus! Maranatha


Bolivian Beat said...

the news on the right hand side of the blog appears in Spanish in my computer. Does it appear in Spanish in your computer?

Anonymous said...

Yes Raphael they appear in spanish...

Anonymous said...

Were you or Michelle ever accosted or robbed?

Bolivian Beat said...

to appears in english in some computers. Don't quite know how to fix it!

to blogpastor..

Elijah was robbed last year...and I was pickpocketed several years ago. a miracle that we've not been robbed more often. Security in Santa Cruz has worsened!!