Thursday, May 24, 2007


A parishioner was diagnosed with a cancerous tumor in her brain. She's a bright lady with 2 young girls. Her husband abandoned her for another woman 2 years ago. All attempts at reconciliaton since then only yielded more heartache. Its also been tough at work; she lost her job recently as a result of a power play by a colleague. A week later she felt a pain in her back and a constant throbbing headache. She made several visits to the hospital and did the necessary tests. Just when you thought it could'nt get any worse, doctors diagnosed a cancerous brain tumor. Her world fell apart.

Talk about a modern day "Job".

We prayed for her 3 weeks ago on a Sunday night. It was a moment of personal restoration and a coming to terms of what had been going on in her life. Jesus is always in charge but that night He stepped into the situation and took over. God's calvary love poured into her heart; her smile and a sense of deep peace said it all. A few hours later she complained of headaches to her parents. They rushed her to the hospital; the doctors performed an emergency surgery to remove the tumor.

The doctors, to the surprise of many, discovered a non- cancerous tumor. The quick pace of her recovery surprised everyone. But the doctors remain puzzled about their initial diagnosis and are trying to make sense of what happened. Maybe they made a mistake. They're not taking any chances and have prescribed low key chemotherapy treatment. Pray for a total recovery.

God is great...Jesus in miracles of healing and consolation offers us redemption -the blessings of new creation.


Anonymous said...

Methinks it was a modern day miracle - an answer to prayer!

Bolivian Beat said...

yeah so do I!!