Friday, May 11, 2007


One of the 7 wonders of the world is eating steaks in Bolivia! Yeah ok I'm exaggerating!

Bolivian steaks, when prepared well, are juicy, tender, tasty and thick; eating steaks in Bolivia is a heaven on earth experience. Singaporean meat is imported and doesn't have the texture or the meaty feel of good south american meat.

The men's ministry yesterday decided to barbecue some meat and sausages at our monthly social. Gabriel Martinez, prepared the meat over a charcoal-fired grill. A Peruvian, Hilario, was in charge of the salad: a large helping of bright red tomatoes and pepsicum chillies mixed together with olive oil, salt and vinegar. Another side helping were white coloured onions cut in a circular shape dipped in a special sauce. Someone bought fresh steaming french bread from the bakery. Most of the men prefer to keep the food simple in not having vegetables or potatoes. I think its got something to do about men declaring their independance from wives who take delight in controlling the menu.

Sometime ago, the men decided not to have wine with our steaks as a sign of our respect and solidarity for recovering alcoholics in the ministry. So we wash the food down these days with coke or lime juice. The conversation was diverse - covering politics and the significance of death for the Christian.

The meal cost us 21 bolivianos each ($US2.8 or $Sing5) A great bargain, I'd say! Would'nt you?


Anonymous said...

Hoi - what you mean - wives who take delight in controlling the menu???

aisay man....why lah you cakap ini macam??
you mean, its wrong meh, when we women add vegetables in the menu??
aiyah...only to help you lah dah, to make that potbelly, a tiny little bit smaller each day. or for your case, (and benedict and kenny) maybe can see improvements, only by the year.
btw- am back from Ulaan.
Sierra Quebec.

Anonymous said...

ahhhh...a lady has replied in defense of her fair gender.

methinks that liposuction is the remedy for the potbelly

Anonymous said...

halo -rajendra, did you hear that suggestion??
liposuction!! - so you going to join the hordes and hordes of vain women and men, and dash into some quack doctors office and get instant removal of all that fat??
let me know how it goes??

Anonymous said...

what's lipsocution?

Anonymous said...

aisay man - you dont try another "denver stone" on me, and feign ignorance, as well!!!
is that your other name - don quiojete?

Sierra Quebec

Anonymous said...

Sierra Quebec,

Nope I aint don quiojote!