Monday, May 14, 2007


Last week I shared the gospel with a lapsed Jehovah Witness. I did'nt have time to attend the meetings and I gradually slipped away, he remarked. It was quite obvious, after having conversed with him for a few minutes, that his grasp of JW doctrine was not superficial. We worked our way through JW end-time beliefs and his understanding of Christ. It was tough but worth the effort. He did not appear to cede any of his beliefs.

I sensed however an openness as I shared the Trinitarian faith with him from the Bible and began to kick into proclamation. At some point in any evangelistic encounter there has to be a confident declaration of Christ's uniqueness in human history and his work of salvation and redemption of creation.

He looked pensive as I shared with him Christ's divinity; its not the church nor an enlightened sect that saves but Christ, the eternal Son Of God. A human or adopted "christ" is impotent and unable to save anyone, be it on a cosmic or existential level. I sensed a crack in his "works-salvation-gnostic-sectarian" mental grid. Sad to say it was only a crack.

He did not reject Christ but could not commit himself to pray and deepen his knowledge of our Lord. Evangelism is more than an intellectual encounter but a collision of spiritual forces. Maybe the Lord will send someone to help work through the issues which prevent him from taking the vital step of faith in Christ.


Anonymous said...

hai, i was just a browsing thru your blog,....and something familiar looked back at me....
who is that person, with the hood and gun, posing in your robbery blog????
i think i can guess.
its just so funny, thinking of what all you make your "model" do!!

Sierra Quebec.

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Anonymous said...

i wont guess. i mean i wont mention names, so i wont get in trouble.
but i think my guess is right. you tell me who your model was. and then i will tell you if my guess was right.
i need to play it safe. not like last time. and get in deep trouble.