Tuesday, May 06, 2008


Sharing The Gospel With A Taxi Driver

Michelle and I were late for an appointment, so we jumped into a taxi. As the driver drove off, I heard the chinese version of the hymn, Amazing Grace, from the radio. This hymn always stirs a passion for the Lord in my soul.

It was too good a chance to let slip. I shared with the taxi driver the testimony of John Newton, author of Amazing Grace. He seemed interested as I spoke to him about Newton's work against slavery after his conversion. My jet lag and flu got the better of me but my wife's enthusiasm was like a second wind. We began to talk to him about God's salvation in Christ. And I shared with him the gospel concerning Jesus and the need to believe.

Someone else had apparently just shared the gospel with him. He was willing to listen and showed keen interest as I drew comparisons between Jesus and Budhha. There is a way to do this without insulting other religions. I genuinely respect other faiths, especially the living religions of Asia.

Michelle then explained to him how the Bible was God's word to us.

Must go to church and study more the bible lah...He told us rather sincerely. I remembered the words of our Lord with reference off another sincere seeker...He is not far from the kingdom.

As our journey came to an end, I was keen on praying with him. The traffic however was heavy and he could not wait for a long period. I prayed to the Lord silently, commended this man to the His mercy and told him to go to his friend's church.


blogpastor said...

Is there currently a patron saint for taxi-drivers?

At the rate you are sharing God's love with them it may be St Raphael.

Bolivian Beat said...

Ah yes...a patron saint!!