Sunday, May 04, 2008


Leaving Bolivia Temporarily To Work In A Parish, Christ Church, Diocese Of Singapore.

I left Bolivia last week and returned to Singapore a few days ago. I shared with Bolivian church leaders and Bishop Frank Lyons, the issues and rationale behind the decision to return to Singapore to do a 2 year home assignment as Vicar (Senior Pastor) of Christ Church. They were generally supportive of the plan but also expressed concern over critical projects in Santa Cruz which have stalled as a result of my absence.

Its never easy to leave the mission field... is it?

The local Bolivian leadership will find its own stride and deepen the life of the church while I'm in S'pore. Praise the Lord that there is more than sufficient maturity to carry out these tasks.

The Diocese of Singapore has been unyielding in its support for the past 14 years of my life and ministry in Bolivia. Thank you Bishop Moses Tay for having the faith to facilitate my sense of calling to serve in Bolivia and for Bishop John Chew's continued support. He, Bishop John has also agreed to send me back to Bolivia after the tenure at Christ Church.

The Lord's hand is over our return to Singapore. Michelle is busy with the creative arts and has her own network of ministry partners from several churches. She's been invited to minister in some of the countries nearby. Elijah's National Service commitment will end in September next year.
Pray for us in this time of change, transition and cultural re adaptation

Heavenly Father
grant us grace
to discern the details
of your leading
as your servant
returns to serve you
in Singapore.


blogpastor said...

It is wonderful that you are now back, but it looks like Yak Hwee is leaving Trinity Theological College for one in Taiwan!

Glad to have you back for a longer period.

Anonymous said...

Mum and I are delighted to have you close to us again. Two years is a short time but we will enjoy knowing that you, Mich and Elijah are home!

Anonymous said...

So you'll be back in Singalore - no doubt missing your home in Santa Cruz - however as you well know the Lord's timing and ways are perfect even if very unexpected at times!!
As the missionary wife I can say that the Lord was very much in our transition back to the UK and provided in miraculous ways as we adapted to a new way of life. Praying for you all, love, Sally B