Monday, December 10, 2007


Opposition Boycott The Final Sessions and the Vote of Approval

Its last!!

411 articles of the new constitution were put together and approved by the Constitutional Assembly 2 days ago. The nation will either reject or endorse the constitution through a nationwide referendum. Delegates from major opposition groups stayed away from the sessions, as a sign of protest, where the articles were voted upon.

How does the new constitution address the relationship between the states and the central government?

Well, 6 of the 9 states, from the valley and the East of Bolivia, have demanded a greater autonomy and a larger slice of the wealth generated from their respective regions. The centralizing tendencies of the current socialist government are at variance to the views of the leaders from the East and the Valleys. The new consititution supports state autonomy but not to the extent which the states have lobbied for. This will be a major flash point. Many organizations and leaders in Eastern Bolivia have already rejected the new consitution.

No one really knows what's going to happen next!

No date has been set for the referendum.

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