Thursday, August 23, 2007


I was seated in a bus on my way home after Sunday service. The bespectacled guy next to me looked bored and clutched a bag. He did not look like a chatty sort. I sensed the need however to engage him spiritually.

Should I share the gospel with him? I asked myself.

My thoughts were interrupted with a loud BANG! A taxi, in full flight, stopped suddenly when the traffic light in front changed from amber to red. Another taxi, following closely behind, banged the taxi which had come to a screeching halt.

The passengers in the bus, looking aghast, saw the entire incident. We had a grandstand view of the accident. The bus stopped in front of the traffic light and was adjacent to both cars, moments, before the accident. Both taxi drivers and their passengers were not hurt. Broken and splintered glass from the rear and front lights were strewn all over the road.

As the bus drove off the guy next to me began to complain about irresponsable taxi drivers. He gave up cycling because taxis had come close to knocking him down. I joined in and lamented the congestion on the roads in Bolivia. I changed the subject quickly and talked about Jesus; I asked him if he was church going person. He said he was Roman Catholic and was returning from mass at a nearby catholic church. His face broke out into a smile when I identified myself as an Anglican missionary. We talked about our spiritual experiences.

I don't believe in chance encounters. Our conversation encouraged him to share an issue close to his heart: he was not baptized. And so I exhorted him to trust our Lord and shared the need for baptism. It was all so rushed but I trust that something from the Lord got through.

He stood up and smiled appreciatively at me...he had reached his destination. As he walked toward the exit, I smiled, blessed him and said, Get baptized!


Anonymous said...

Happened in Spore or back in Bolivia?
Just a wondering.
Have you been drinking teh-tarik back in Spore?? Why dont you ask them to use Earl Grey tea leaves, next time around, and see their reaction!!!


Anonymous said...

In Singapore leh...