Monday, August 13, 2007


I had the opportunity to have lunch at Swensens with Kenny Chee (Blogpastor), Sherman Kuek (Sherman On The Mount) & his fiancee, Emmy.

Kenny and I met Sherman for the first time. Our common love for blogging brought us together. It was great to exchange notes with one another and meet. Kenny is Pentecostal, Sherman, a Methodist, Emmy, a Baptist and I'm Anglican.

We clicked immediately. Sherman is in the midst of a doctoral thesis and lives in Seremban. He is 31 years old and could very well represent a generational change amongst younger Christian leaders. My friend, Kenny, likes to probe new ideas and enjoys meeting up with people. Emmy, a great gal, teaches linguistics at the University.

There is something spiritual about sharing our lives over a wholesome meal and a hearty conversation. We covered a wide range subjects - from monastic traditions of the church to contemporary missions.

Kenny (chinese guy) and I are on the right; Sherman and Emmy on the left


Anonymous said...

whacha yall eat?

Anonymous said...

whacha yall eat?

emmyjemmy said...

hello :)

i forgot about checking out your blogs after we met! when are u coming to seremban? we are still waiting for u to come so we can continue with more conversations ;)