Tuesday, August 14, 2007

O Lord, I Am Ashamed to Seek Thy Face
Christina Rossetti (1830-1894)
O Lord, I am ashamed to seek Thy Face
As tho’ I loved Thee as Thy saints love Thee:
Yet turn from those Thy lovers, look on me,
Disgrace me not with uttermost disgrace;
But pour on me ungracious, pour Thy grace
To purge my heart and bid my will go free,
Till I too taste Thy hidden Sweetness, see
Thy hidden Beauty in the holy place.

O Thou Who callest sinners to repent,
Call me Thy sinner unto penitence,
For many sins grant me the greater love:
Set me above the waterfloods, above
Devil and shifting world and fleshly sense,
Thy Mercy’s all-amazing monument.


Anonymous said...

thats a very beautiful prayer.

btw -have you read "God is Closer Than You Think". i dont do books anymore,(previous work-place hazard) but that is one book that i hold dear to my heart -esp. chapter on 'when God seems absent'.

mgr's thangachi

Bolivian Beat said...

the title sounds familiar..who is the author?

Anonymous said...

John Ortberg.
has a great gift for story-telling with a nice sense of humor.

maybe you have read it.

mgrs thangachi.