Monday, July 09, 2007


We've been here now for 3 weeks; one of our challenges is adapting to a high density environment. Singapore is 2400 times smaller than Bolivia but has a population of 4 million (close to half the population of Bolivia).

Singapore, in expanding its market and capacity for consumption, is planning to increase its population to 6 million. Many foreigners have been invited to work here; professionals are encouraged to make Singapore their home.

High rise living provides the necessary housing for the growing population. The vast majority of Singaporeans live together in multi storey apartment blocks called flats. Condominiums are an alternative for those with greater financial resources.

Kudos to the average Singaporean's ability to live in such close proximity. Its hard to believe however that this high density living does not come with a cost. Sooner or later people want more room for all sorts of reasons; some have emigrated to larger countries - Australia or the US. A friend once told me that he left Singapore for the sake of his children. They needed breathing space, he said.

Space is a valuable commodity, especially at this moment in Singapore when property prices have gone through the roof. Travelling in the underground trains, especially during peak hours, is an exercise in finding and guarding space, be it sitting on a seat or standing.

Folk here maintain boundaries, share limited space and learn to work and live together. Its like being part of a layered cake!

Welcome to Singapore!

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Singapore a cake? It can be eaten of course