Thursday, July 26, 2007


A couple of years ago, after a very very long period of self imposed exile, I finally returned to one of my adolescent identity markers: rock music! I wanted to understand my son's generation through their music. And so I plunged into the internet, radio and listened to some of my son's CD's. It was'nt long before I made a detour which led me to my roots as an afficionado of 60's and 70's progressive rock. I just could not help comparing the contemporary music scene with my own preferences from the past.

One of the types of music I bumped into from my son's generation was rap metal or heavy metal fusion music. Groups were putting together rap, heavy metal, pop music and hip hop. Linkin Park are probably the best secular representation of this kinda music in terms of commerce success.

P.O.D, a christian heavy metal rap group, are probably one of the better bands who belong to this genre. Their latest album, Testify, is a winner!! Its a big improvement over Satellite, their other album. The music, though metal, swerves and weaves patterns which include rap, hip hop and reggae.

Some of the heavy metal songs, especially the last two, Say Hello & Mark My Words on Testify, are scorchers. The opener, Roots In Stereo fuses rock and hop. But its the following track, Lights Out, which sets the album on fire. The lyrics are not overtly christian but reflect a deep seated christian spirituality. This is a welcome change from some of the vulgarity and nihilism of secular heavy metal groups.

One of the weaknesses of P.O.D is the absence of a vocalist in the category of Robert Plant, Ian Gillan, Roger Daltrey, Chester Bennington, Steve Marriot, Bono etc.

I guess you can't have everything.

If you're a rocker, I recommend this it!!


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Hey what happened to stryper

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Wow Bolivian Beat is hidden music critic too.