Saturday, July 14, 2007


This morning we recieved news of a friend's death from cancer. I opened my email account to retrieve information and was not prepared for an email informing us of her sudden passing away. Michelle and I, knew a couple of days ago, of her struggle against an aggressive form of cancer.

She was young mother of two children: one is a teenager and the other is about 10 years old. Before our trip to Singapore, Michelle and I prayed for her to be healed of a tumor. She appeared to be on the path of recovery. The Lord had other plans; His sovereignty will always prevail. We grieve the loss of our friend. Her family were some of the first people we got to know in Bolivia nearly 14 years ago. She was active in intercession and danced with Michelle.

Her healing and complete restoration is now assured, albeit on the other side of eternity. She is now safely in His arms. He saved her from pain and anguish. Her parents were by her side right to the end.

Pray for her two daughters.

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