Saturday, June 23, 2007


Yup we're back.

The flights from LA to Korea and then Korea to Singapore were ardous but welcome cuz we're on our way back to our 2nd home.

Settling in normally takes about 2 weeks:

- coping with the jet lag is tiresome as our inner clocks try to differentiate between day and night; our bodies reel & sweat profusely from the humidity;

- new oils and spices roil our stomachs;

- walking with the masses in stations and malls hurries you along;

- finding the nearest hawker centre, bank and train stations, from where we live, involves lots of walking & observing;

- we look to the right and left more than once when we cross roads cuz Singaporeans drive on the right.

and dozens of other stuff...

Yup we're back!!

On your right is a view of the Singapore skyline.

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