Monday, June 18, 2007



- Flying From Bolivia Thru The US To Singapore -

We normally take a break in Southern California and spend some time with my sister, Rebecca and her husband, Jim during our long journey from Bolivia to Singapore. Staying with them for a couple of days is a welcome rest in between long and tiring flights.

This time around they took us to a popular tourist destination, Yosemite. And so of we went to this protected natural reserve. It was a fascinating experience: the incredible sights & panoramic view. A half day tour of the place was the highlight; Bill Fontane, a seasoned guide was driver as well as tour guide; he gave us a running commentary of Yosemite's history, the fauna, flowers, sequioa trees, the various mountains, landscapes and waterfalls. Bill's voice sounded like something behind those TV wildlife documentaries from the 60's. He is very eloquent in his commentaries and explanations; Yosemite, coloured by his insights, comes alive. Its quite obvious that the man loves his job.

The stars at night provide a stunning perfomance for those willing to lift their heads to gaze at the sky.

God has shed his grace on thee, America.

Tonight we continue our journey from Los Angeles to Dallas; and then its the big one: a 14 hour flight from Dallas to Korea; we then endure a further 5 hours from Seoul to Singapore.

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yosemite is great