Friday, July 07, 2006



God saw all that He had made, and it was very good…Gen 1:31

hold on to the good…1Thess 5:21

The world is shot through with creation’s goodness. Christianity is "worldly" in the best sense of the word. And worshipping Him sooner or later gets you into touch with His handiwork (Psalm 19). God called his creation "good". We are called to nurture the innate goodness of His creation as his stewards. Sin, disobedience and evil get in the way and misdirect this nurturing enterprising toward selfish ends. The human experience of stewardship is flawed but not dishonorable. Human failure does not distort the goodness of creation. Jesus rebuked the storm which nearly capsized a boat. The problem was not the sea but the storm. He did not make the sea disappear. Jesus, a keeper of the "good" in creation, protected the sea and retained its integrity. Abusing wealth creation is sin; creating wealth is not. Wealth creation which benefits the elite at the expense of the majority is abuse. A just distribution of wealth which honors your neighbor for the glory of God is keeping the good.

In this blog we do not shy away from the human drama of keeping the good as creation unfolds itself. The artistry and design of great football is only possible because God’s artistry and design is embedded within the laws which make the universe tick. And so science, the arts, government, technology, entertainment, law, food, dance, music, sports, the public square, the marketplace, education, business, mass communication are inherently good because they are visible signs of God’s creation at work in the world. We discern the sacred in the secular, submitting the whole gamut of human experience under the probing eyes of discerning the good in movies, football and current affairs.

Be a keeper of the good!


Anonymous said...

I like your world-affirming stance.

Bolivian Beat said...

Yes, bro, world affirming stance is incarnational theology