Sunday, July 16, 2006

Zidane's Moral Puzzle

Zidane apologises for head butting the Italian centre half. He then adds a qualifier: I dont regret my actions. Huh? did I miss something here. Isn't one supposed to regret the offense which caused the need to apologise? Some say his actions were justified because of the level of provocation. Was his head butt a measured response to the Italian's provocation? That's not the issue. Zidane is a proffessional. We're talking about loyal fans who want to see goals. The primary responsibility of teams and players is to entertain ticket paying fans! The rules of soccer are to ensure a smooth and entertaining game. Zidane broke those rules and paid the price. Did his head butt cause his team to lose the World Cup final? Probably. Did his head butt let down those fans who paid hard earned money to see their team win? Yes, definitely. Zidane should apologise for his actions!

Its time to clean up the game. If the Italian soccer player provoked Zidane with vulgarities then he should be reprimanded, fined and suspended for a period. Players need to exercise self control and be responsible to society and the ticket paying fans. Enough of verbal hooliganism on the soccer pitch!

Both Zidane and the Italian centre half should apologise for their actions to all ticket paying fans!

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