Thursday, July 13, 2006


The French Are Unable To Break Down Italian Defensive Wall.

Italy Overcome France In Penalty Shoot Out!!

It was not an outstanding game although parts of it were intense and entertaining.

The French are awarded a penalty in the 5th minute of the game. Henry was accidentally tripped by the Italian defender in the penalty box. Didn’t seem like a penalty to me. But I’m not the ref! Zidane scores rather strangely from the spot. The ball hits the underside of the bar weakly, crosses the goal line and bounces out into play. It’s a clear goal. The Italians equalize when their centre half heads the ball in from a corner kick. You can almost feel the sigh of relief coming from the Italian bench. They look the better team and are connecting with each other as they move forward. The Italians however have not imposed their will although they’re having more of the ball. The French have not been entirely inactive. With Henry at the helm, France put together some probing runs.

In the 2nd half the Italians go to sleep and the French take over. They control the game with good ball control and are stringing together some fine passes. Whoever said the French were a bunch of unfit old players has been proven wrong. The Italian skipper and the goalkeeper are solid in defense. They’re letting nothing through. Any other team would have probably caved in.

We enter the extra time and I’m asking myself what’s happened to the Italian team? Why aren’t they playing the way they did against the Germans in the semis? The Italian keeper make’s a great save from a Zidane header. In the second period of the extra time, Zidane is sent off! He head butted one of the Italian defenders in an of the ball incident. What a rank piece of stupidity! Word is that he was provoked by the Italian defender. He’s supposed to be the ice man - the cool one under pressure. Zidane’s departure means that he will not take part in the penalty shoot out. He’s supposed to be their ace penalty taker.

The match is settled by a penalty shoot- out. The Italians win by one penalty! It’s a disappointing anti-climax. But we have a winner! The Italians are the new world champions. Let the celebrations begin!!


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