Monday, January 22, 2007


Yesterday we gathered the leadership together at a special Sunday workshop where I presented a small group evangelistic strategy which incorporates elements of follow up, personal discipleship and commitment to confirmation and church membership.

I enjoy teaching and running workshops; people got into the act and participated with lots of gusto. Some were quiet as they tried to understand the content of my teaching and the various questions that were raised by the more articulate ones in the workshop. It was great to hear stories of our people sharing the gospel with the lost. One couple had to leave early because they had to strengthen their friendship with a non christian couple. Our present approach is ad hoc, informal and not effective. We need to get our act together. There will be 2 other workshops.

At the heart of this new strategy will be home made evangelistic materials centered on Christ's encounter with individuals in the gospel. The challenge will be to work through the significance of His birth, death, resurrection and 2nd coming in the lives of the participants of these evangelistic small group encounters. In my own evangelistic work I have found that talking about Jesus is a great way of confronting people with the gospel. People by and large are fascinated with Jesus. He is the message!


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And all done in Spanish.....amazing...something good did come out of "Nazareth".

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ya right. double huh. that kennyman is losing it. ai rajendra, how about some bolivian food pictures lah??