Monday, January 08, 2007


My wife and I, fighting dengue fever, were warded at La Clinica Foianini, a hospital in Santa Cruz. There are apparently different types of dengue; mine was quite aggresive and maybe even haemorrhagic. Michelle's was easier to control. We both suffered from bodily aches, very high temperatures and flu like symptoms. The sickness leaves one without the strenght or motivation to read, write and talk for long periods. I could not even work on my laptop. This not an experience I would recommend.

It was a sight to behold: husband and wife, both on drips, in the same room; all our visitors looked aghast at seeing us in such a condition; some chuckled; A friend took a photo of us together. We were finally discharged after our body temperatures stabilized. I will not miss the constant medication, blood analysis and tests. Walking around with the drip was also a hassle. The food was tolerable. Our doctor was a young Bolivian lady who looked like a north Indian. She was ever so cheery about the diagnosis and treatment. The medical staff were pleasant and well trained.

I'm still a little weak and drowsy but glad to be out of the hospital.

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