Saturday, December 09, 2006


Bishop Lyons paid us a visit and confirmed 12 new members. The parish has set a goal of 300 new members. The candidates above are from our extension centre, Bread Of Life.

The candidates below are from the mother church, Light Of The World.


Anonymous said...

Oh man. 12 new members, and you set a goal of growing to 300? Congrats!

I wish we could grow like that in either of the parishes entrusted to my care. I really wish the PB and the rest of 815 would pay attention to the kind of growth that's possible when the Gospel is honestly and faithfully preached.

Anonymous said...


Bolivian Beat said...

Its a lot of work! Evangelism/Follow-up is the hardest component in the church's programme. People are by nature only concerned with their own personal needs.