Thursday, December 07, 2006


Today Michelle and I celebrate 21 years of marriage. We were married at the Church Of Our Savior in 1985 on a Saturday afternoon. Pastor Derek Hong led the service. Bishop Moses Tay was present to give us his blessings. Rev Villlie D. read some of the prayers in the service. My classmates at Trinity College stood by us as we exchanged vows. Revd Kenny Chee (blogpastor) agreed to be my best man and Susan Verghese was the bridesmaid. We are grateful that our friends, parents, and relatives made the effort to support us at our wedding. I remember someone sharing a marvellous prophecy of how the Lord would make us a blessing and a light to the nations. And that was fulfilled when we left Singapore to serve the Lord in Bolivia.

There are no short cuts nor secret formulas to marital happiness. Listening to each other, praying together and not taking your spouse for granted are some of the basic components in any marriage. By God's grace we've survived some of the rough patches in our relationship; I can't imagine our marriage without Christ. One of the most difficult things to work through is the daily grind of simply living together: managing schedules, adapting to your partner's habits/customs, ensuring transparent financial transactions and accepting your spouse's idiosyncrasies.

Pray that we will be a witness to God's love and mercy.


Anonymous said...

Congratulations: that your marriage thrived despite missionary pressures is a wonderful testimony to the grace of God and the effort you guys put into your marriage. Kudos to you both.May your tribe increase!

Bolivian Beat said...

You are right about the tensions that bear on a marriage in the mission field.

Anonymous said...

Big time congratulations! 21 years is a major accomplishment is this day and age.

Bolivian Beat said...

yup our marriage is 21 years old. Our marriage is an "adult".