Tuesday, October 31, 2006


It was a hot and humid Sunday morning in Santa Cruz Bolivia. People were using their bulletins as a fan. We were celebrating the witness of the Saints departed last Sunday. ALL SAINTS occupies a special place in my heart. I pastored a church called ALL SAINTS in Singapore before my departure for Bolivia nearly 14 years ago.

I was ALSO ordained as a deacon (1995) and priested (1996) on the Sundays before ALL SAINTS DAY in the diocese of Singapore. By a strange coincidence (I stand corrected - there are no coincidences in the Kingdom!) I was recieved as Archdeacon on the Sunday before ALL SAINTS DAY of eastern Bolivia in the parish Christ Light Of The World, by the Bishop of Bolivia, Frank Lyons. Some of the diocesan clergy who had attended the standing committee meeting the day before, stayed behind for the Sunday service and prayed for me. I appreciated that show of support.

If someone had told me 20 years ago that I would be an Archdeacon in a South American diocese I would have written him off as crazy!!


Anonymous said...

Warmest congratulations! you have done well Raphael, your step of faith and obedience 14 years ago has blessed many in Bolivia and in Singapore as well! and this token of recognition and increased responsibility shows how much the diocese trust you! God Bless.

Bolivian Beat said...

thank you blogpastor..truly I praise God that our paths crossed in Trinity. You opened the wonders of blogging to me and for that I am grateful to you

Anonymous said...

Dear Raphael, on behalf of All Saints' English in Singapore, we wish to express our heartiest congratulations over your induction as Archdeacon in your Diocese. My staff and I together with our leaders and members rejoices with you over the calling that the Lord has placed on your shoulder. We are confident that as the Lord calls you to greater responsibility, He will match it with His grace and favor for your life and ministry. Well done, keep pressing on for Jesus!

In His Love,

Derek Lim
Priest In Charge
All Saints' English (Singapore)