Wednesday, October 11, 2006


Sunday Service: Reacting To The Tragedy At Huanani

Last Sunday's service was a sobering experience; the tragic events at the mining camp which left 16 dead and nearly a hundred seriously injured were in the minds of many as we gathered for Sunday worship. People had been expecting a dangerous confrontation given the rising tensions within the country. No one however expected a flare-up between the miners - allies of the present government. There is a sense that this will only be the beginning of other acts of violence.

We stood in the breach and asked for forgiveness for the sins of violence and hatred; prayers were offered for the families of the loved ones. I preached on the beatitude, Blessed Are The Peacemakers For They Shall Be Called The Sons Of God". My heart ached for the Bolivian people as I preached; the eucharist drew us into His sacred presence and gave us the strength to face the future as peacemakers. Amongst some of of the stories of encouragement I used in the message were Archbishop's Robert Runcie's decision to have a service of reconciliation and peace after the Falklands War (much to the consternation of some British politicians who wanted a service of victory!) and the Commission of Justice And Reconciliation in South Africa which forgave those who confessed to violent crimes during rule of Apartheid. Sharing the peace during the service and sending God's people into the world with the assurance of His presence was especially meaningful.

Pray for us!


Anonymous said...

Must have been a poignant service with the Eucharist as its high point. Wonderful.I want to take a course on Liturgy, which I did not have, unlike you blessed mainliners.

Anonymous said...

Yes,bro..nothing like the power of the Eucharist.