Friday, September 22, 2006


Like never before, the young people were involved in the minstry at the Vacation Bible School
Here are some of the youth dressed in a traditional Bolivian dance costume. Bolivia is a very "young country" in the sense that the youth and the young adults form the largest demographic.

Yup..Bolivians love to dance. Check out the cool costumes! I'm still trying to figure out what these dancers were doing at the VBS.

Here are a bunch of youth from Christ Light Of The World hanging out with 2 young people from the short term mission team. The blonde in the centre is Kelly Grainger - a SAMS USA missionary. She leads the youth ministry and is doing an outstanding job!

from right to left: Olgita (studying to be a physiotherapist), David (a student), Gabriela (a student - She's David's sister), Kelly, two youths from the US short term mission trip.


Anonymous said...

Wow mythumb says... will pray for the great work among the youths in Bolivia. Will pray for a sweeping revival amongst those u work with. The impact on them may not be felt immediately... but one day when there's a soul tsunami coming... its gonna be because pple like u sow the seeds of the kingdom into the hungry soils of young hearts, minds and souls...

Bolivian Beat said...

ahh..I like those words sweeping revival!