Wednesday, September 20, 2006



In July a short term mission team from the United States arrived in Santa Cruz to help Bread Of Life (Pan De Vida) put together a Vacation Bible School. The VBS was held in the neighbourhood, 2 De Abril (look out for more details on the VBS in the next post).

Here's a neat photo of the short term mission team. Jack Mcdonald and his wife Mary put the team together and provided on site training. Jack (the guy on the far left in a sea green t shirt) and Mary are missionaries from Truro Episcopal Church. Jack works with World Concern (A Christian NGO) and Mary, a veterinarian, has a finger in just about everything: from running Alpha courses to birthing calves. They have 2 teenage children - Ashby and Jack Jr. The Mcdonald family have been tremendous! God Bless Em!

I'm a firm advocate of multi-lateral missions i.e the whole church reaching the whole world with the whole gospel- Although this is a title of a book, it captures in a nutshell, the Lord's end time missionary enterprise. He is raising a network of fervent Christ centred churches and mission agencies dedicated to the expansion of the gospel and the consummation of His creation.

Many members of this short term mission team came from various churches in the States and we warmly welcome them as our mission partners. This is multilateral mission at work!


Anonymous said...

I'm a firm believer of the whole church working together in unity, putting aside individual agendas and seeking His agenda and making it the single most important driving factor in all that they seek to do. Isaiah 60 calls for us to shine and the time is now as darkness surely covers the earth , greater shall be His glory upon the whole earth!

Anonymous said...

The church of Jesus Christ has come a long way from the days where 'turf' and 'denominational affiliation' formed firewalls around church plants like this. Amen to kingdom mentality.

Bolivian Beat said...
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Bolivian Beat said...

Very very true. I've come a long way too. I now see the place for mission agencies in world mission. The fact is that there are churches who do not see the relevance of missions.

...Dear Anonymous I am reading a book on Isaiah 60 by Richard Mouw.

...Hey day a fundamentalist pentecostal pastor..stopped me on the road as I was walking from Bread of Life.

He was intrigued by my race and my clerical collar. We talked and talked about our walk with the Lord. We ended up praying for each other and hugged each other. He was a humble man who was trying to make ends meet.

Don't expect the washington Post or the Straits Times to cover this story

Jesus is building HIS Church