Friday, August 06, 2021


Anglican Episcopal Church of Bolivia
 Episcopal Message
 Rt Rev Raphael Samuel

The Anglican Episcopal Church of Bolivia celebrates Bolivia's Independence Day, August 6, 2021. We  thank the Lord for His blessings over the nation, and give thanks for the hope anchored in Christ Jesus - the Lord of the nations!

Bolivia's 🇧🇴 destiny continues to rest in the merciful hands of a righteous God in the midst of her trials and tribulations. 

GOD is MERCIFUL - He gives us many opportunities to put aside sinful behavior NOT pleasing to Him. For instance the father of the prodigal son, full of mercy, embraced his son and blessed him when he repented of his selfishness. Likewise, God patiently waits for Bolivia to repent, and yearns for her to return to the place where He has saved the best for her.

God Almighty  extends His mercies to Bolivia by his Spirit with the promise of our restoration in Christ Jesus. 

He is RIGHTEOUS - His commitment to righteousness will sooner or later vindicate and save the oppressed from their oppressors. For example Joseph's brothers abused him terribly — he suffered injustice from his siblings;  but in the end the Lord saved and vindicated Joseph. Likewise, God re-orders the twisted and crooked situations of our lives in order to save us in accordance with His righteousness.

God is re-ordering Bolivia in accordance with his justice and purpose and gives hope to the oppressed with His vindication.

So let's celebrate Independence Day today with the hope of of God's Mercy - He will not abandon us; and by His grace He frees us from the injustices of the world with the promise of His final vindication in us.  ¡Amen!

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