Sunday, June 06, 2021



A holy dubiousness settles
in the dust of human decadence,
and we are lost to the sounds
of silence; then, they appear from 
the void to enchant us with 
strange songs of justice. 

No, the holiness category remains
lifeless with no vibrancy; only a
cold emptiness staring at a blank
empty world. But they bring angelic
harp-like sounds to drug us with 
equity’s rhetoric. 

We, an unholy tribe, looking for
family, remain lost in the maze of
human confusion with no beginning
or end; and they offer sacred 
brotherhood to purify the land with 
bloodied hands. 

And then their music begins to
sound in us - playing our fears back
to us in clanging sounds of chains
of our own making; and these 
enlightened ones breathe narcotic 
thoughts in us. 

Surely they must be right, educated
and eloquent, building their lies on 
defaced walls of our learning and
we remain for them, serious jesters,
doing spins to music only they 
listen to. 

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