Sunday, October 11, 2009


Bolivia's victory over Brazil in the World Cup though wonderful is meaningless.

Brazil had already qualified for the World Cup in South Africa before this game; But still, its sweet to parade Brazil's scalp in public.

Congratulations to the Bolivian team. This was not a fluke; on their day Bolivian football is mesmerizing. Dont forget, they mauled the Argentinians 5-1.

Our problem has been constancy. Why they cant repeat their genius aganist lesser teams is a mystery. We'll have to wait for 2014!

Dunga, the Brazilian coach, in the tradition of coaches who lose in Laz Paz, blamed the high altitude. This is a lame excuse. World champions, like the armies of Alexander, must have the skill and fortitude to dominate opposing teams be it in bumpy pitches or in the high altitude.

If Dunga wants to win the World Cup in Africa, he has to build a team which can win anywhere in the world!

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