Friday, June 26, 2009


Michael Jackson didnt just appear on the scene, he exploded in the universe like a glowing super nova!

The early innocence, his brothers and those brilliant pop classics Rocking Robin, I'll Be There, Gotta Be There spoke for an entire generation. Never Can Say Goodbye has yet to lose its lustre after 30 years!

The photo on the right is from his early years with the Jackson 5. He was at his peak then. His voice was sweet, powerful, very emotive and smacked the daylights out of the competition. An incredible talent!

His angst and broken voice opened the door to a fantasy world. He gave us Thriller - the gloves, dark glasses, red jackets, white gloves, tassels on the shoulder pad,

And the moonwalk!

It was suddenly cool to be black kid in the whole universe! Didnt matter if you were an Indian teenager from Sembawang or a kid from the ghetto. Michael was our hero. His props became ours - the red jackets, the sunglasses, white socks etc.

He was an Obama to a hip generation of dark skinned people who'd normally not be given a second look. Thank you Michael Jackson.

His religious beliefs were cloudy - was he a Jehovah Witness or a Muslim? we'll never know. May the Lord have mercy on him.


Anonymous said...

Lord have mercy on us all

Anonymous said...

A pastor saying 'MJ is his hero'.
Pity the church, 'Christ' church!

Bolivian Beat said...

Dear Anonymous

Dont pity the church, amigo, Christ is there to take care of Christ Church!

MJ had God given talent. I recognise the work, commitment and discipline which went into realizing the talent. Sad to say there was a dark side to MJ's life and he paid the price for his foolishness.

MJ is therefore my hero, albeit a fallen one.