Tuesday, June 10, 2008


Here are 2 photos of Christ Church, a Tamil speaking parish, where I'm serving as Vicar. If God wills I will be here for about 2 years. And then return to Bolivia.

Christ Church is probably one of the very few, it could even be the only, Tamil speaking congregation which has a high proportion of middle class and professional Tamils.

The first Sunday service, a traditional eucharist is at 8 am; a small punjabi congregation meets later at 10.45; an english speaking service is conducted at 5pm and an outreach to Tamil workers culminates in a 7.30 pm prayer and praise.

The usual midweek meetings and activities coupled with the church's kindergarten keep the place humming.

There is much to be done in the parish. I have a busy schedule and only God's grace keeps me afloat!!


Anonymous said...

Hi pastor, I'm your neighbour from EAST. :) By the way, I found it a curious fact that the church secretary at Christ Church who has been working there for the past 14 years is not yet a Christian. Hopefully, while you are there, you will have an opportunity to witness to her. - Ee Yuing

Anonymous said...

Hi Ee Yuing,

I feel that God knows his timing and everything happens for a purpose..
So, Let's wait upon our Lord, as He knows best, and everything will happen in accordance to his time..

Kids/Teens/Young Adults of Christ Church =)

Bolivian Beat said...

Hmmmm....great to see some of our CC folks getting into this blog...

blogpastor said...

May your two years be of strategic importance to the ongoing health and progress of Christ Church. Best wishes and my prayers too!