Thursday, April 03, 2008


The Lord Speaks Powerfully Through A Taxi Driver

Last Wednesday during Prayer/Intercession we were praying for next week's healing campaign which features evangelist Bob Jepsen.

I had a strong impression of the Lord wanting to heal the sick through the anointing of oil. It was hard to flow with the intercession because the impression kept gnawing away at my heart. If this was from the Lord the impression would grow in its intensity and there would be some sort of a confirmation. And true enough a testimony I heard two days later encouraged me greatly.

I stepped into a taxi. The driver was a aquaintance of mine. He was bubbling with joy and faith as he shared with me the following:

I want to share a miracle with you. My sister-in-law is not a believer. She was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis. And so I visited her, shared the gospel and prayed for her to be healed. She recieved Christ. Her condition improved and she was discharged later. She started to go to church but was not very regular.

The world and family pressure caused her to drift away from the Lord. Several months later the multiple sclerosis returned. I went to my church elders and they said that I should pray and anoint her with oil. As I was driving my taxi the Holy Spirit asked me to to get consecrated oil from the Anglican Church around the corner. I went to the church, met a lady, and asked her for consecrated oil. She said they did'nt have any. I insisted that she ask someone else because the Holy Spirit had said specifically to get the oil from the Anglican church. She brought me to Pastor Lico. He happily gave me a bottle of oil and told me to pray for anyone who needed to be ministered to.

I took the bottle, went to the hospital, entered the intensive care unit and prayed for my sister- in- law. I then committed her into the Lord's hands. I then stepped out of the ICU and prayed for my family and friends and anointed them with oil. My sister in law's recovery suprised the doctors. She left the hospital healed from multiple sclerosis.

Nope, my encounter with this taxi driver was not a coincidence. The Lord used this guy's testimony to give me added faith as I teach and preach on the anointing of oil in our prayers for sick during this Sunday's service.

The Lord is going to do great things at next weeks healing campaign!!


Anonymous said...

Pastor Raphael, I am from Christ Church, Singapore. Glad to know you will be here soon - praying for you! God Bless.

Alex Tang said...

hi Raphael, what a powerful testimony. I will pray for the healing campaign and look forward to reading in your blog about the marvelous work of the Lord. amen.

Bolivian Beat said...

Hey D.Anush,

tell me something about yourself

David Anush said...

Pastor Raphael,

Am originally from India and been in Singapore (and Christ Church) for 8 years now. For the very first time this year, I have given myself into service for the PCC, so hope to work with you closely!!

Am also a good friend of Paul Daniel/Suganthi (who is currently in UK) - he recently mentioned he knew you from your youth days.

Hope to see you here soon and work closely with you supporting you to the best of my ability as God wills.