Wednesday, February 27, 2008


Bolivian Beat Met The New Archbishop?

Meet the new Archbishop of Myanmar, Bishop Stephen Than Myint! On his right is Bishop Henry Scriven.

Bishop Stephen is a Karen Christian and Karens are not the most popular ethnic group in Myanmar. Karens, not unlike the Kurds in Northern Iraq, harbor nationalistic/autonomous aspirations. Its not the best of situations to be in. Third world clergy also struggle against adversity in some very difficult situations.

I met a Burmese bishop at Trinity Theological College's library recently; he looked a lot like Bishop Steven. In fact I think he was Bishop Stephen!! We shared our experiences. One point of common interest was the political instability of both, Bolivia and Burma.

His statement that he was a simple priest and not a politician struck a deep chord.

Pray for the good Archbishop!


Anonymous said...

looks like a humble person

Anonymous said...

I woud like to contact Rafael Samuel or any ather member of the Anglican Episcopal Bolivian Church.
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Sincerely, Juan
From Saint Louis, Missouri.