Sunday, January 27, 2008


Bumping into people you've not seen for a long time in an unscripted moment sorta reminds you that life is spontaneous and unpredictable.

And thats what happened when I sat down at a waiting lounge in a local hospital. Right in front of me was Rev Dr Choong Chee. He was seated and reading a newspaper. He looked very fit and trim. He put his paper down when he saw me in disbelief. We smiled and exchanged greetings. We had'nt seen each other for nearly 12 years!! I was with family and he was waiting for his appointment.

Nope Dr Choong is not a medical doctor but a dynamic New Testament theologian who writes and speaks extensively, especially in Chinese. He taught my class New Testament theology and introduced us to the works of Karl Barth at Trinity Theological College.

Our conversation was wide ranging, from local politics to his published works - most of them are in Chinese. Dr Choong participates at forums in the local media. He speaks his mind and knows how to put things boldly without sounding irrational. We had to wait for a long time before we were called and so there was loads of time to sit down and exchange notes. Michelle queried him on his favorite pastime: calligraphy. He was happy that someone remembered his favorite hobby.

Our time together came to an end when our number was called.


Anonymous said...

I always thought he would have been a good Christian MP. He is eloquent and bi-lingual and he can speak up with public reason on a host of issues.

The Lord's plan is better though.

Bolivian Beat said...

hmmm...a christian MP? We should suggest that to him the next time we meet.