Friday, March 09, 2007


Don't snigger guys...its actually possible...

Men don't take their wives seriously. We normally smile, listen half heartedly and give a platitude to convey the impression we're attentive to their needs. Some of us just grunt. Impressions even when they're not false don't last, especially under the corrosive effects of reality and time. 20 year old birthday cards get brown around the ages. The goodwill generated through an anniversary dinner lasts only for a couple of weeks. Sooner or later impressions, especially the false ones, run their course, quickly.

Taking others seriously is work. Its easier do overtime at the office or read a book. Or better still just switch on the TV. Its easier to feel the angst of empty celloluid TV figures than to work through issues with real people. Undoing emotional knots, in love, is not for the lighthearted nor the cowardly. Its costly - like carrying the cross. Hence the hard work to not only listen patiently but to also take seriously our spouse's comments and needs. That's tough, especially for men. At times we just don't have anything to give, be it emotional support or money.

All the doors seem closed until the Saviour steps in to pour His love in our hearts. In ways beyond human understanding, Christ's love for His church fills our wounds. His love for us is cruficied and bloody; true love flows from pain none of us can truly bear. Its strange - this daily invitation of our Lord to share in His sacred love within the nitty gritty of married life. And we say YES to the invitation.

Husbands love your wives, just as Christ loved the church and gave himself up for her...Ephesians 5: 25


Anonymous said...

Hey....what to do lah with us, women!!!
But we, women too, shake our heads in total despair and frustration, over the men in our lives,and say "you cant live with them, you cant live without them!!!"
i ought to know...mine is coming back, from 'over there' in a few weeks time, and i shudder to think of the countless ways he is going to irritate having 20 snacks in a day in my kitchen, and crumbs all over, never ending cleaning-up after him, etc.

Sierra Quebec

Bolivian Beat said...

ah...I always knew that women secretly enjoyed tearing their hair over men.

wow 20 snacks a day!! a very hungry man.

Anonymous said...

Meanwhile Kenny is climbing a big rock like thing called Kinabalu

Anonymous said...

what lah. your silly blog ate up my comment i made just now!!!
Sierra Quebec

Anonymous said...

(am rewriting my lost comment)

yup...20 snacks a day. one day, i got so fed up, and decided to keep a tally, and that is the true account!!!
sometimes...he would squirrel away bars of chocolate, in preparation, for the times i would send him off to exile.

women secretly tearing their hair over men??? hey man, thats the 1st ever i have heard of. we women, do no thing in secret. ummmm, well, me anyways.

yeah, that ah-pek, is busy wasting away world's most precious commodity - oxygen. and that too, for no particular reason!!

on the other hand, when are you going to start climbing?? your place full of beautiful mountains lah. go climb one,and lose that pot belly. has it grown?? i bet!! and i bet so has that muthusami's one too.
BTW, does he write you? ask him to visit your blog lah. tell him i said so!!!
Sierra Quebec.

Anonymous said...

dang....who that be????

Anonymous said...

sarababy.........did you feel that creepy chill in the air just now?? something's haunted somewhere......mmmmmmmm.......maybethat rajendra knows why!!!


Sierra Quebec

Anonymous said... Christ's love men and women get thru to each other

Anonymous said...

you shure are right ah-noni-mus.
well, you have a good day.

Sierra Quebec.