Thursday, February 08, 2007


3 churches - An Assembly of God Congregation, An Independant Evangelical and Christ Light Of The World, Anglican - put together a team with the purpose of bringing aid to flood victims in the major provinces of Santa Cruz. We were supervised by a doctor, nurses, a dentists, nutritionists and chiropractors from a Christian Clinic.

We went in 3 buses packed with people and supplies of all sorts - medicines, food, cooking oil, mattresses, clothes, blankets, pillows, pills. On the right are the buses that took us to flood victim who had lost just about everything.

Here are some photos of the team members: The young people on the left are anglicans; The ones on the right are the nurses from the Christian clinic. Pastor Ron Firestone, below right, preaching is a chiropractor and runs the Clinic. I'm on the left, standing outside a hut.


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