Friday, September 22, 2006

- Evangelising Children-

Jesus reached out to children and received them with open arms. Many of us came to Christ because of contact with Christians when we were young. Bread Of Life is an extension centre, from the parish Light Of The World, dedicated to evangelising and discipling children in poor neighbourhood called 2nd of Apri. Together with our mission partners from the US we reached out to about 100 children and their families through a Vacation Bible School

Here's a great photo of all the children in the neighbourhood at the Vacation Bible School. Children are a vulnerable demographic; they are, at times, subject to all sorts of abuse. It has been our priviledge to not only meet some of their basic needs but to also lead them to Christ.


Anonymous said...

I'm Erika who last posted as anonymous cos i forgot to put my name!
This is just simply awesome. It reminds me of my childhood days when the church reached out to my Hindu family thru us when my brothers and I were kids.Even if they don't get saved immediately, it does something to them and I know it did to me because more than 20 years later I became a Christian.God bless you, erika

Bolivian Beat said...

Yup...Awesome..that's the word!